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Luis G. Cisneros

Luis G. Cisneros was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His formative years, middle school, and high school were spent in Miami, Florida. After graduating from Brown University, Luis pursued a corporate and entrepreneurial career. Luis also has a master’s in business administration from the University of Miami. He has worked in many industries including Corporate Event Planning, Education, Private Banking, Telecommunications, and Media. His last corporate position before Improving Lives was Vice President of Corporate Strategy for a multinational media company.


Luis is very passionate about mental health and raising awareness of mental health. Luis was diagnosed Bipolar I in 2009. Luis is considered someone with bipolar condition that is very high functioning. In essence, he is considered able to lead a full life. He initially struggled to find the right mix of medicine and therapy to treat his condition. He has not had an episode since 2013. Through trial and error and determination, he found a great system, composed of medicine and therapy, that works for him and allows him to thrive personally and professionally. Noticing that someone with Bipolar could live a full life with adequate medication and therapy, Luis decided to embark on helping people that have mental conditions improve their lives. In early 2021, Luis partnered with Alfredo Hernandez to expand Improving Lives Community Mental Health Center. Together, their mission is to help those with mental conditions and people with addictions to live full and happy lives.


Luis lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and their two young boys. He loves spending time with his family, walking, swimming, playing tennis, and poetry. He is the author of a poetry book and four children’s books.

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