We offer a variety of individual, group, and family services to best meet the needs of our clients. For more information regarding our services, including our free group therapy sessions please feel free to contact our staff.

Individual Psychotherapy

In a therapeutic caring environment of trust a personal relationship between client and therapist together they will explore the areas that the client wants to improve. Licensed Psychotherapists will help diagnose and develop an individualized treatment plan with attainable goals. That progress will be closely monitored by both the client and therapist.

Virtual Counseling

We offer individual psychotherapy over skype/zoom/Simple Practice for those that can't reach the Kendall, Florida office. Please call or email for more information.

Individual Substance
Abuse Counseling

Individual substance abuse counseling is offered by certified experienced professionals. Patients in need of exploring in depth the cause of the illness will be assisted in developing the necessary tools that will make the road of recovery a successful one.

Articles & Resources
Family Therapy​

Couples and Family communication sessions are offered to those who seek to acquire the tools that will help them overcome the limits they confront in their present communication style. Better listening and talking skills are identified and practiced under the supervision of a trained professional, using practical tested tools.

Group Counseling

We offer group therapy for those living with anxiety and depression in Spanish and English. Please call or email our office if you're interested in attending our free online group therapy sessions for Anxiety and Depression (Spanish). 

Substance Abuse Groups

This group is for private clients and court ordered clients that seek treatment for their chemical dependency problem. The group therapy environment adds benefits for the clients by connecting them with others with similar experiences, and creating a momentum for growth in coping, social skills, and insight. Group therapy also offers a more affordable option compared to individual counseling.  We offer groups in English and Spanish, available during the day time or the evening. Groups are offered several days a week, from Monday through Friday.