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Alfredo Hernandez

Alfredo Hernandez was born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico, lived in Venezuela and graduated from the State of Florida. He is a mental health counselor psychotherapist. Passionate about motorcycles and martial arts, he specializes in adult and adolescent mental health, substance abuse and other addictions such as gambling, internet, sex, pornography. With a personal history as a heroin addict many years ago, which led him to lose everything and who was able to successfully overcome his addiction, he now dedicates his life to helping those who go through the hard road of mental health problems and addictions in your community center.

With extensive experience in the media, obtained over the years as the host of a radio program from the city of Miami, "Improving Lives Mejorando Vidas" broadcast daily by Actualidad Radio 1020/1040 am, and frequently invited to renowned radio programs. local and national Hispanic television, such as Cala en Cnn in Spanish, Despierta America broadcast by Univision, realities in context CNN in Spanish, A Fondo with Pedro Sevcec America TV, A Mano Clea with Felix Guillermo America TV, among others; to deal with psychology issues. His simple and didactic way of approaching complex issues, his firm character and his empathy with each of the cases presented gives him an attractive additional ingredient to provide the Hispanic community with much needed information on mental health.

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC
Chief Clinical Officer


I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to help. Let's connect.

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